Lactoferrin supplementation for Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) in primary school children

A better substitute for oral iron in the management of iron deficiency After 30 days, primary school children with IDA consuming bovine lactoferrin with water versus the group receiving an iron supplement showed a significant improvement in: Red blood cells Hemoglobin Serum Ferritin Total Serum Iron A prospective cohort 3-month study by El-Khawaga et al. […]

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The Preventive effect of lactoferrin-containing yogurt on gastroenteritis in nursery school children

A randomised prospective study by Tsukahara et al. in 2020 evaluated the efficacy of bLf on gastroenteritis in preschool-aged children during the winter season. Pre-school children aged 3-6 years were enrolled in the study and randomised into two groups. 1162 children completed the study. The 578 children in the treatment group were provided 100mg of […]

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