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Can I add to Happi to infant formula?

Yes, Happi baby works well with formula. It is dosed in sachets so you can conveniently add 1 sachet to a bottle and shake well. For best results, do not add not heat Happi products over 50°C.

Can I use Happi if I am exclusively breastfeeding?

Yes, however it is recommended to discuss with your maternal health nurse, healthcare practitioner or paediatrician if your baby is exclusively breastfed to determine if appropriate for your baby.

What foods can Happi baby be added to?

We recommend adding to infant formulas, first foods, yoghurts and cereals.  For best results do not heat Happi products over 50°C.

Is Happi suitable for people with a cows milk allergy?


Does Happi Baby contain any allergens?

Happi Baby contain cow’s milk and is not suitable for those people with a cows milk allergy. As a result of manufacturing, Happi Baby may contain traces of sulphite below a detectable level so we advise against product use if your baby has a known sulphite allergy. Happi Baby does not contain the major allergens treenuts, peanuts, sesame, soy or eggs. Always read the label. Always follow the directions for use.

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For general product queries, please contact our consumer advisory service Monday to Friday 9am till 5pm AEST.
1800 571 833 (within Australia) or 0800 532 455 (New Zealand), or email consumercare@bega.com.au

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