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  • Infant formula produced for sale in Australia or New Zealand is not currently allowed to contain lactoferrin as an additional ingredient. If your formula does contain added lactoferrin, it will be listed in the ingredients panel on the packaging.

  • Yes, HAPPi baby works well with formula. It is dosed in sachets so you can conveniently add 1 sachet to a bottle and shake well. For best results, do not add not heat HAPPi products over 50°C.

  • Yes, but only if your child does not have a cows milk allergy.

  • HAPPi Baby contains the active cows milk lactoferrin. Lactoferrin is produced using a sophisticated process that ensures highest quality lactoferrin protein with no detectable amounts of lactose. While the product contains no added lactose, the product is not verified as lactose free. It is important to seek advice from your maternal health nurse/healthcare practitioner or paediatrician if your baby is on a lactose free formula to see if HAPPi products are suitable.

  • Yes, however it is recommended to discuss with your maternal health nurse, healthcare practitioner or paediatrician if your baby is exclusively breastfed to determine if appropriate for your baby.

  • Prepare the food as per normal then mix in HAPPi Baby. For best results do not heat HAPPi products over 50°C.

  • We recommend adding to infant formulas, first foods, yoghurts and cereals.  For best results do not heat HAPPi products over 50°C.

  • We recommend 1-2 sachets per day or consult with your health care practitioner.

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