Day & Night
Milk Drinks

Stage 3     12+ Months

Inspired by the science of mother’s milk where nutrient levels change between day and night, HAPPi is Australia’s first toddler milk system to nutritionally adapt by time of day.  

Designed to be used together, HAPPi Day and Night Growing Up Milk Drinks are formulated to support a toddler’s learning and play by day and to help promote normal brain development at night.

Each product contains specific day and night amounts of iron and tryptophan plus advanced fats like DHA for a healthy brain, and dual prebiotics for a happy tummy.

Together, HAPPi Day and Night Growing Up Milk Drinks provide advanced nutrition at the right time to help your child develop to their full potential.

Proudly Australian Made and Owned by Bega Cheese Limited.

Day and Night nutrition for developing brains,
based on nutrient changes of mother’s milk.

Day and Night specific amounts of iron and tryptophan to support brain function and cognitive development.

Day and Night specific nucleotides, building blocks for DNA.
DNA is vital for normal growth and development.

Day and Night Growing Up Milk Drinks are formulated to complement the nutritional needs of growing children from 12 months of age when dietary energy and nutrient intake may be inadequate.
Day and Night products meet the Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand and include specific nutrients at similar levels as day and night mother’s milk
. Mother’s milk refers to milk from mammals such as humans, goats and cows.