About us

At HAPPi, we’re passionate about health.
We combine the power of milk with the latest nutritional
science, to create nutrition products for every stage of life.

FAMILY makes us HAPPi

Since 1899, our parent company, Bega Cheese Limited (Bega) has been providing families with the goodness of Australian dairy.

In 2020 our team of nutrition experts inside Bega applied their expertise and launched the HAPPi brand, a premium range of nutrition products.

We’re passionate about health and committed to changing lives with life stage solutions that combine the power of milk with the latest nutritional science.

The HAPPi early life nutrition range is produced at our facilities at Tatura in northern Victoria. Bega is one of Australia’s oldest manufacturers of infant formula using milk sourced from predominantly pasture raised cows.

Safely feeding the most vulnerable in our society is a great responsibility, one that drives our high-quality standards every day.

In choosing HAPPi, a Bega brand, you can feel confident knowing our dairy products and ingredients have literally fed millions of children and families just like yours.

Nutrition for a HAPPi generation

Together with partners across Australia and around the world, we continue to build our knowledge of dairy nutrition and the role vital nutrients play in the body, at every life stage.

About Lactoferrin

Lactoferrin is a natural, well-researched protein that supports a healthy gut and immune function. It is a natural part of everybody’s “immune defences”. Lactoferrin is a natural component of breast milk, where it plays an important role in the establishment and maintenance of the immune system. Lactoferrin is also found naturally in cow’s milk, and this is what Happi is made from.