Gentle Iron For Tough Women

Iron Made For Women. Period.

HAPPi is a new generation of iron supplement for all the hardworking mothers, sisters, daughters and wives out there. Specially formulated to be kind on the stomach, HAPPi won’t weight you down with tummy troubles that are typical of other* iron supplements on the market.

Research shows that women of childbearing age need more iron than men. Adequate daily iron intake is particularly important for women who experience heavier periods and this may be difficult to achieve with diet alone.

A vegetarian diet may also be a risk factor in iron deficiency. Whilst a vegetarian diet will typically be high in the plant-based (non-haem) source of iron, research shows this form is poorly absorbed vs haem source iron (as found in animal products). Dietary factors may further reduce absorption.
HAPPi Women’s is designed for all women, to support dietary intake and help you feel and live you best.

*Compared to ferrous sulphate based products

Iron plays an important role in the delivery of oxygen around the body, making it an essential nutrient to support energy production. Women at all life stages can be at greater risk of iron deficiency and may require more iron than men.

Women with Periods: Menstruating women carry an increased risk for iron deficiency.

Vegetarians: A vegetarian diet may be a risk factor in iron deficiency.

Physically active women: The benefits of exercise are undisputed. Those women who regularly undertake endurance exercise (cycling or running), or performance performance athletes may be at greater risk factor in iron deficiency. 

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