Happy baby FAQs

Is my formula fortified with lactoferrin?

Infant formula produced for sale in Australia or New Zealand is not currently allowed to contain lactoferrin as an additional ingredient. If your formula does contain added lactoferrin, it will be listed in the ingredients panel on the packaging.

Can I add to Happi to infant formula?

Yes, Happi baby works well with formula. It is dosed in sachets so you can conveniently add 1 sachet to a bottle and shake well. For best results, do not add not heat Happi products over 50°C.

Can I add Happi to my babies goat milk formula?

Yes, but only if your child does not have a cows milk allergy.

Can I add Happi to my child’s lactose-free formula?

Happi products do not contain detectable lactose, but it is recommended to seek advice from your maternal health nurse, healthcare practitioner or paediatrician if your baby is on a lactose-free formula to see if Happi products are suitable.

Can I use Happi if I am exclusively breastfeeding?

Yes, however it is recommended to discuss with your maternal health nurse, healthcare practitioner or paediatrician if your baby is exclusively breastfed to determine if appropriate for your baby.

Can I heat the food or liquid after adding Happi?

Prepare the food as per normal then mix in Happi Baby. For best results do not heat Happi products over 50°C.

What foods can Happi baby be added to?

We recommend adding to infant formulas, first foods, yoghurts and cereals.  For best results do not heat Happi products over 50°C.

How many servings of Happi can I give my baby/toddler?

We recommend 1-2 sachets per day. Please make sure to read the usage instructions on the Happi packaging.

Can I give the Happi Baby to my older children?

Yes, you can. It mixes perfectly with many foods. However Happi has a product formulated specifically for every family member. After age 3 we recommend the daily convenience of Happi Kids chewable tablets.

Why give my baby Happi if they are no longer exclusively breastfed?

Breastfeeding provides infants with the best start to life. Happi provides a natural source of immune protein lactoferrin for babies and toddlers who are no longer breastfed, or no longer breastfed exclusively. Lactoferrin is a natural way to support a healthy gastrointestinal and immune system. Please read the lactoferrin page on our website for more details.

Does Happi Baby contain any allergens?

Happi Baby contain cow’s milk and is not suitable for those people with a cows milk allergy. As a result of manufacturing, Happi Baby may contain traces of sulphite below a detectable level so we advise against product use if your baby has a known sulphite allergy. Happi Baby does not contain the major allergens treenuts, peanuts, sesame, soy or eggs. Always read the label. Always follow the directions for use.

Does Happi Baby contain any lactose?

Happi Baby does not contain detectable lactose.

Happi general FAQs

How long can it stay on the shelf or in my cupboard?

Every Happi product has a unique expiry date printed on the packaging.

What is lactoferrin?

It’s a protein found in all of us. We all have it in our tears and saliva. It is a powerful tool in the immune system’s toolbox to support the health of our immune system. Please see our lactoferrin page for more information.

How is lactoferrin made?

Happi uses lactoferrin made from fresh Australian cow’s milk.

How much lactoferrin is in breast milk?

Estimates vary as every mother is different and many factors can influence lactoferrin concentration. Clinical research estimates breastmilk to contain 5g/L in the first 4 weeks and 2g/L after the first 4 weeks.

Can I just feed my baby or toddler cows milk for a source of lactoferrin?

They’ll need to be really thirsty to get enough lactoferrin. It takes approximately 800ml to 1 litre of fresh milk to get just one of our sachet doses.

Is Happi suitable for people with a cows milk allergy?


Who is behind Happi?

Our parent company is Bega Cheese Limited, known for great brands such as Vegemite, Bega cheese and peanut butter. We also produce nutritional products for some of the world’s biggest nutritional brands and our ingredients have fed literally millions of children. Please see the about us page for more information.