28 sachets
1 - 36 Months

Baby Immune Defence Lactoferrin

Unflavoured natural lactoferrin that supports the immune system to fight illness. Based on the science of breast milk, where lactoferrin plays an important role in immune health. Ideal to maintain healthy lactoferrin levels when moving on from exclusive breastfeeding

Lactoferrin is also found naturally in breast milk
Supports the immune system to fight illness
Supports healthy gut immune function

The Happi story

HAPPi has been developed by a team of lactoferrin and nutrition experts inside Bega Cheese, our parent company. Bega Cheese also makes products for some of the world’s biggest formulated nutrition brands and Australia’s favourite cheese.

HAPPi immune products have been manufactured in a TGA certified facility and contain natural lactoferrin from Australian cow’s milk.

60 tablets
3+ years

Kids Daily Immune+ Lactoferrin

One tablet with many benefits for kids. Taken daily it helps support immune system health to fight illness. Aids healthy teeth and bone development. Formulated specifically for growing kids with lactoferrin and the essential nutrients calcium, zinc and vitamin D3.

Supports the immune system to fight illness
Aids healthy teeth and bone development
Maintains general health and wellbeing

Lacto [milk] ferrin [iron]

The health ingredient powering Happi

What is Lactoferrin?

Benefits of Lactoferrin

What is Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a protein found in both cow’s milk and human breast milk. Its works in many ways to support immune health and is supported by 50+years of research. It is also a natural component of every person’s immune system and can be found “protective” fluids produced by the body such as tears and saliva.

Benefits of Lactoferrin

Benefits for everyone to maintain healthy levels

The immune system is the bodies natural defence mechanism. Lactoferrin is a natural component of every person’s immune system and is considered a first-line protein in the body’s immune defence.

Benefits from infancy

In early life nutrition, extensive research supports the important role lactoferrin plays as a key dietary protein. From birth, an infant’s natural source of lactoferrin is breast milk. Lactoferrin is found in abundance in both colostrum and mature milk, the milk from approximately four weeks of age. A child’s gut and immune system develop rapidly from birth and lactoferrin has been shown to help support healthy gut immune function and support the immune system to fight illness.

Benefits for women

Lactoferrin offers an exciting approach to improving blood markers associated with low iron in women and is suitable for use at any life stage. When used in combination with traditional iron supplements, lactoferrin has demonstrated the ability to help reduce the occurrence of nausea, constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort.

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Baby Immune Defence Lactoferrin

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Kids Daily Immune + Lactoferrin

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