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HAPPi has been developed by a team of lactoferrin and nutrition experts inside Bega Cheese, our parent company. Bega Cheese also makes products for some of the world’s biggest formulated nutrition brands and Australia’s favourite cheese.

HAPPi immune products have been manufactured in a TGA certified facility and contain natural lactoferrin from Australian cow’s milk.

Lacto [milk] ferrin [iron]

The health ingredient powering HAPPi

What is Lactoferrin?

Benefits of Lactoferrin

What is Lactoferrin?

The word says it all – “Lacto” (meaning milk) “ferrin” (meaning iron) is a unique milk protein containing iron. It works in many unique yet complementary ways to support your body at all life stages.

High levels of lactoferrin protein are found in breast milk and colostrum, the very early milk. In fact, lactoferrin is the second most abundant whey protein in breast milk. Beyond early childhood, the major dietary source is cows milk. It requires a lot more cows milk to make the equivalent amount found naturally in breast milk.

It is well known to researchers studying human health. Since it’s discovery, cows milk lactoferrin has been the subject of over 2000 scientific studies. This includes over 80 human clinical trials, making it one of the most scientifically studied proteins in the world.

Benefits of Lactoferrin

Benefits for everyone to maintain healthy levels

The immune system is the bodies natural defence mechanism. Lactoferrin is a natural component of every person’s immune system and is considered a first-line protein in the body’s immune defence.

Benefits from infancy

In early life nutrition, extensive research supports the important role lactoferrin plays as a key dietary protein. From birth, an infant’s natural source of lactoferrin is breast milk. Lactoferrin is found in abundance in both colostrum and mature milk, the milk from approximately four weeks of age. A child’s gut and immune system develop rapidly from birth and lactoferrin has been shown to help support healthy gut immune function and support the immune system to fight illness.

Benefits for women

Lactoferrin offers and exciting approach to improving blood markers associated with low iron in women and is suitable for use at any life stage. When taken in combination with iron, research demonstrates improved absorption of dietary iron and reduced gastric irritation.

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